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Sat, May. 6th, 2006, 03:30 pm
Free webhosting

For whatever reason, I've had a webhosting reseller account for 2 years now and nary touched the bandwith/hd space on it (my plans for world domination through gravitybound.com didn't quite turn out). It seems such a waste so I'm offering free webhosting to whomever wants it (although I'll probably limit it to the people that I actually know or their very close personal friends at first).

What do you get:

- About 100mb disk space. Depending how many people respond to this, it may go up or down.
- About 2gb bandwith a month. Like above, this may go up or down. However, I doubt anybody is ever going to use that much.
- Your own account and access. Log in when you like, delete what you like, track users all you like (you little stalker).
- Email and database creation. I'll probably cap it at 10 and 3, but you can always ask for more. That means coolio@yourdomain.com is all yours! No more coolio1280@hotmail.com for you! Webmail is easy to setup and check. Mysql DB is for more advanced things like wordpress or a million other things you'll probably never use.
- Installatron. An easy to use way to automatically install crap. Galleries, wordpress, forums are all but one click away.
- Tech support. I can help you out if you need it. I've played with most of this stuff and even got wordpress to work pre-installatron days, so I kinda know what I'm doing.
- Uptime. The server barely goes down and I've paid for gravitybound.com until Jesus comes back, so your website is probably safe being hosted by me for a long time (unless, of course, George W. Bush is really the antichrist and the end is at hand).

What you need to do:

- Let me know you want space
- Register a domain name. I suggest godaddy (not a referral link) or let me know of your existing domain name.
     - Alternatively, you could be a subdomain of gravitybound.com. But that's not much fun is it? ... Living under the shadow and greatness of the "real" gravitybound.com. Knowing your domain is somehow "sub" compared to mine. Nah. That's not what you really want is it? Is it?
- Point the domain name to the numbers I give you
- Login and create your pages or copy them over.

Again, this is absolutely free, I don't expect anything from it nor should you feel obligated to give me something. However, if your really in the giving mood, you could paypal me a couple bucks to help pay for it. Or send me a mix cd or your old copy of Pearl Jam VS. because mine is all scratched up and I haven't heard it in 10 years or bake me some cookies or say something nice about me or Kirsten. I'm really not that hard to please.

So what are you waiting for? Go register something cool and join the information super Interwebs today!

Tue, May. 9th, 2006 02:55 am (UTC)

OK. Well it's an open invitation. So let me know whenever.